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Vintage French Oak Wine Riddling Racks, Accessories & More!

Enjoy our range of Riddling Wine Racks

Light Oak

Our lightest, simplest colour palette

Clear Oak

Our second lightest tanned oak colour

Dark Oak

Our sensational dark oak colour palette

Black Oak

Our elegant, darkest vintage colour palette

3 Monkeys Trading entertain an extensive range of Riddling Racks and Grifo Italian Bottle Corkers.

Together, the corker and racks are perfect for the creation of homemade wine in small, medium and large wineries across the globe!

Grifo - Italian Bottle Corker

Authentic Italian free standing corking machine

Details - Grifo Corker

Authentic Italian free standing corking machine
Brand new still in wrapping cardboard
Sturdy Enamelled steel stand
Spring plate automatically adapts to the bottle
Suitable for a variety of bottles
Strong brass jaws
High handle for easy use
Good quantities available

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Enjoy our extensive range of Riddling Wine Racks in use!

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